Eel vermicelli - the flavor of homeland

Update: 11/10/2023
Ninh Binh – the land of the ancient capital, where the famous sacred Bai Dinh pagoda and mysterious caves are. Ninh Binh – that precious land of rivers and mountains will bring visitors exciting things. In particular, culinary culture is also a decisive factor in the attractiveness of the ancient capital. Besides the famous specialties such as goat meat, scorched rice, Ninh Binh also has a famous dish of eel vermicelli that you should try when coming here.

The main ingredient of this dish is eel. Selecting eels to make good dish is quite challenged and requires experience. High quality eels are small eels called” lươn cốm” which are strong , fat and still fresh .They have brown-pink backs and yellow bellies. Besides main ingredient, banana flower and vermicelli  are other important elements. Banana flower should be fresh and ripe. Vermicelli must be made from high quality  phrynuim fruits and are small, pure threads .

Eels are washed carefully with vinegar, removed the inside, mixed with spices like red chili, onion pepper, “nuoc mam” and then fried in hot oil until fragrant and yellow. Banana flower is cut into thin threads and soaked in salt water for 5-7 minutes and then fried with mashed onion. Eel vermicelli noodles is often eaten with ginger, “la lot” and sourness of lemon juice converge on the eel vermicelli bowl that make a try worth a thousand words.

Ninh Binh eel vermicelli makes a memorable impression because the broth is carefully simmered from eel bones and tubular bones so that it always has a naturally sweet taste. A plate of fresh vegetables always accompanies this Ninh Binh specialty dish. It is an indispensable accompaniment and also contributes to the exceptional delicious taste of Ninh Binh eel vermicelli. Besides, do not forget to squeeze a little more lemon. Add a little chili to make the dish more nuanced.

Source: Thuy Tien
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