Yen Mac fermented pork roll - delicious dishes with hometown flavor

Update: 01/11/2022
Ninh Binh is known as a tourist destination converging many rich and diverse natural cultural heritages. Not only famous for many beautiful landscapes, this place also has an attraction for each visitor by the specialty dishes such as goat meat, crust rice, eel vermicelli, etc. A traditional specialty which visitors should enjoy when coming to Ninh Binh is Yen Mac fermented pork roll - the typical flavor of the countryside.

Yen Mac commune, Yen Mo district is known for making fermented pork rolls. Yen Mac fermented pork rolls have been around for a long time. Legend has it that Ms. Pham Thi Thu had a father named Pham Than Duat who held the position of Senior Secretary in the Hue court, she followed her father into the Hue citadel and learned from famous royal chefs to make fermented pork rolls. Later, Mrs. Thu returned to her hometown, Yen Mo Thuong village (Yen Mac commune) to teach the profession of making fermented pork rolls. Famous dishes spread throughout the province and surrounding areas such as Thanh Hoa, Nam Dinh, ..

Yen Mac fermented pork rolls is refined quite elaborately. To get good quality fermented pork rolls, the most important step is to choose fresh pork that has just been cut, the meat is still hot and it must be the best butt meat, filtering out all the tendons, using a knife to cut the meat into small pieces about 2-3cm long. Mix with shredded pork skin, add hearing (grounded golden roasted rice) a little chili, garlic and pepper. Then use guava leaves to wrap into small rolls, then wrap banana leaves around the outside. After 3-4 days, the fermented pork roll could have eaten.

Yen Mac fermented pork rolls are served with some guava leaves, fig leaves and herbs rolled up, dipped with lemon garlic fish sauce. The finished product must be red-pink, dry and fibrous, the sour aroma of fermented spring rolls mixed with the spicy aroma of garlic, and the sound of rice is very attractive and special. Put spring rolls, herbs into rolled fig leaves, dip in fish sauce and enjoy. The sour taste of spring rolls, a little spicy of garlic and chili, the sweet aroma of fig leaves and hearing all create an extremely simple and delicate dish. When the weather is cold, there is nothing more interesting than sipping a few cups of wine with a plate of fermented pork rolls.

Today, Yen Mac fermented pork rolls have reached far, present in many hotels and restaurants both inside and outside the province. Coming to Yen Mac - Ninh Binh to enjoy the rustic flavor of fermented pork rolls, is an unforgettable experience for every diner.

Source: Translator: Hai Van; Photographer: Xuan Lam
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