To Nhu sprouted vermicelli - a dish with an unforgettable taste of Ninh Binh

Update: 11/11/2022
Referring to Ninh Binh - a land that has long been famous for many landmarks, natural beauty, gentle people, but also has countless delicious dishes and specialties that captivate people. Especially in which To Nhu vermicelli is an unforgettable taste of the land of Ninh Binh, this famous dish will make you fall in love and cannot be ignored when you have the opportunity to visit this place.

As a sophisticated and sophisticated dish, expressing an elegant style, To Nhu noodle soup has the perfect combination of color, flavor and taste. Like pho - the "national soul" dish that is present throughout Vietnam, To Nhu noodle soup is highly appreciated by diners when coming to Ninh Binh.


In order to make a delicious bowl of vermicelli, the processor is sophisticated in each stage, from making vermicelli to choosing meat to grow, the selected meat must choose corn, put fat, pound, grind, add spices, and then make pellets. Each piece just eaten, dropped into a pot of boiling water to boil. Each bowl of To Nhu vermicelli does not have to be put together into a large bowl, but the vermicelli is kept separate, the broth and sprouts are served in a bowl with cinnamon rolls and raw vegetables. Depending on the strength to eat, more or less does not force, that is the special feature of To Nhu vermicelli here.


It is also a bowl of white puppet vermicelli, also a bowl of clear and fragrant broth, but To Nhu vermicelli makes diners remember when they have the opportunity to enjoy it. This is a dish that helps you change your taste without being boring, if you come back to Ninh Binh, try to stop by and enjoy this special noodle dish!

Source: Trans: Thuy Tien, photos: Xuan Lam - NBTPIC
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