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Gia Lac stork sanctuary along Hoang Long river

Update: 28/12/2020
Located 20 kilometers from the center of Ninh Binh City, a stork sanctuary in Gia Lac commune, Gia Vien district, has offered a safe home for thousands of storks over the past 13 years.


Stork Sanctuary in Gia Lac commune, Gia Vien district.


The stork sanctuary belongs to the family of Lam. It was spontaneously established when Lam and his wife started their agricultural production on a riparian land plot by Hoang Long river.


At first, some storks came and lived here, then the number of the bird has increased over years. Since then, Lam has reserved 2,000 square metres of his private land for storks to inhabit.


The stork sanctuary is a vast area in the middle of the Hoang Long river. There are various species of storks living on the Gia Lac Stork Sanctuary, including cattle egret, ibis, striated heron and painted stork. 


Besides the storks, there are many other species of bird also make their home at the sanctuary such as black-crowned night heron, little cormorant, greater coucal and heron.



The best time to visit the sanctuary is at sunrise or sunset. At these times, visitors will have a chance to contemplate a beautiful painting with white storks and herons flocking out of and into their nests. 


Tourists will enjoy a spacious and greenish space with the peaceful landscape of a rural area. It is wonderful to mingle with the nature and be away from our busy lives.


The stork sanctuary becomes a destination for nature lovers and a place to help raise public awareness about environmental protection.

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