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Wilderness Nang Valley

Update: 28/12/2020
Ninh Binh is a fairy land favored by nature with many beautiful landscapes, enchanting visitors and rich historical and cultural values. Coming to Ninh Binh, visitors will be overwhelmed by a poetic destination, amazing natural landscape, beautiful as its name described - The Valley with Full of sunshine.

The name Nang Valley is given by the local people because of the mountain range separating the light, one side has lots of shade, the other side has lots of sunlight so that the name Nang Valley and Dam Valley were born. Nang Valley is surrounded by Ngu Hanh mountain range, separating Nang Valley from Linh Coc Cave - Hai Nham route. The way to Nang Valley must go by boat about 3 km. Departing from Thach Bich boat wharf (in Dam Khe village, Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district), visitors start the journey to explore nang Valley.

Nang Valley gives a lively and peaceful natural landscape to visitors. Lake covers the entire space. Mountains covered with wild and majestic green. Visitors taking a boat into Nang valley will be immersed with the immense nature and the calm, fresh atmosphere here.On a small boat, the boatman will take visitors to experience the colorful mountain scenery here. A green space of trees, clouds, water surface, fresh air, gentle wind floating the boat, floating on a long river is a really enjoyable experience. Light boats pass through the slow mountains, admiring the countless shapes of rocky mountains with interesting and special names. Here Con Lon mountain, on the top of the mountain, there is a big rock like a pig, there Hang Hom, the mouth of the cave is square like an open cuttings,Ngoi Ran river- the river meandering like a snake, etc ... The more you move to explore, the more you see how beautiful Nang Valley is, it likes a colorful natural picture, very vivid and poetic.

Nang Valley is always an interesting and attractive destination for those who want to experience life in the midst of a poetic natural landscape - A large space of the valley is filled with golden sunshine as the name "Nang Valley".

Source: Trans: Thuy Tien, photos: Xuan Lam - NBTPIC
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