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Conference discusses news studies on cultural diversity in Vietnam

Update: 16/12/2020
The Institute of Cultural Studies under the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences held a conference entitled “Cultural diversity in Vietnam: theory, practice and policy issues” in Hanoi on December 14

The event was an opportunity for researchers to present and discuss research results on cultural diversity in ethnic groups and regions in Vietnam.

Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Cham, Director of the Institute of Cultural Studies, said that Vietnam is a multi-ethnic country with a great diversity of traditions and cultural nuances. The cultural diversity of Vietnam is reflected in the diversity of forms of cultural expressions such as lifestyle, customs, beliefs, art, cuisine, local knowledge and others.

The wealth and diversity of practices and expressions is an important basis for the sustainable existence, richness of identity, and humanity of the ethnic groups, Cham said.

Thus, the conference focused on discussing theoretical issues about cultural diversity along with policies of Vietnam and other countries in the world on cultural diversity as well as forms of cultural expression of ethnic groups in Vietnam in the past and present and the protection and promotion of cultural diversity in the contemporary context, especially policy solutions and practical actions, she added.

At the event, delegates also discussed and proposed policies on preserving and promoting the values ​​of cultural diversity in Vietnam.

Source: Nhan dan online
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