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Fall in love with white daisy gardens when winter comes in Ninh Binh

Update: 07/12/2020
Ninh Binh has a reputation for being an ideal tourism destination with not only its magnificent untouched beauty but also its serene poetic landscape. In recent years Ninh Binh has attracted many visitors thanks to its seasonal flowers including daisy season.

When winter comes and radiates its chilly weather, daisy gardens start to bloom. Daisies own an attractive mellow pure beauty rather than a radiant graceful one.

In bygone days, these flowers were a specialty of Hanoi, but at the moment visitors can treasure the beautiful romantic moments of beholding the white daisies in Ninh Binh

In Ninh Binh there are a few places for visitors to admire the white daisy gardens such as: the flower garden in Ninh Tien or Ninh Son flower garden. The large gardens which are lousy with white daisies make visitors fall in love with them, the beautiful sceneries really evoke people’s inventiveness.

Having rich tourism resources and being in a location that is ideal for transportation are what makes Ninh Binh a popular destination for tourists. If you are white daisies lovers who are fond of poetic places and seeking for serenity, relaxation or art materials, you should come to Ninh Binh to feel the land of fairy tales.

Source: Translator: Duy Linh
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