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Explore Kim Son sedge weaving village

Update: 02/11/2023
Mentioning Kim Son in addition to the famous landmark Phat Diem stone church. Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province is also a land with a long-standing tradition of growing sedge and making handicrafts from sedge plants. Coming to Ninh Binh, tourists should visit Kim Son sedge weaving village to understand more about the work as well as stories about the lives of the people here.

During the harvest season, this sedge mat village attracts thousands of tourists to visit every year. There are also aspiring photographers coming here to create many magnificent works with their camera lenses. Most of the households here are attached to sedge growing and weaving mats for a long time, and it is passed down from generation to generation. Mats are not only a daily use item but also show the culture of Vietnamese people.

The "ripe" sedge season is also the time when the summer heat of April-June is like a pan of fire. Therefore, from early morning, when dawn just rose, glimmering the gentle rays of the beginning of the day into space, diligent farmers were busy in the fields to harvest sedges.

In order to have a fine art sedge product that meets export standards, Kim Son's sedge planting and production techniques are very elaborate and meticulous with their own unique characteristics. It is a whole process that requires precision right from the time of planting sedge, harvesting sedge, selecting sedge, splitting sedge, drying sedge, and dyeing sedge. It seems that the long sedge fibers have no value, but through the skillful hands of the people here, they have created unique and strange products such as hats, sandals, book bags, boxes, cups... Among Kim Son's sedge products is sedge mats. Weaving sedge mats is a creative labor process, this is also an opportunity for Kim Son craftsmen to show off their talents on each sedge sheet.

Currently, Kim Son handicraft sedge products have been exported to many countries and territories. The sedge plant now not only helps people have more income to improve their lives, but is also an honor and pride to affirm their position. Believe that with great love for the profession of sedge weaving, pride in the homeland. The people here still promote the spirit of preserving the craft passed down through generations, continuing to make the sedge weaving profession grow stronger day by day

Source: Thuy Tien
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