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Van Lam embroidery craft village - To inherit the quintessence of the traditional craft village

Update: 09/12/2022
Stretching across the S-shaped country, Vietnam has many traditional craft villages that have existed for a long time such as lotus making, bronze casting, Dong Ho painting, lacquer painting, etc. it is hand embroidery - this is considered a long-standing traditional profession, creating a distinct nuance, contributing to the richness of Vietnamese culture. In the traditional embroidery villages in Vietnam, Van Lam village in Ninh Hai commune, Ninh Binh province is one of the places where the quintessence of embroidery in Vietnam converges. With the creativity and inheritance of their father's heritage, the craftsmen of Van Lam village have made embroidery products with unique beauty, which are favored by domestic and foreign customers.

In the midst of modern life, few people expect that in the village of Ren Van Lam Embroidery, artisans are still meticulous day and night with each needle. Those people, they embroider in order to preserve the traditional beauty of their forefathers, in order to bring to friends around the world works made from small threads of lace. Currently, the village's artisans have produced a wide variety of products, meeting the growing needs of the market, from traditional groups to modern products, which are sheets. beds, pillows, napkins, curtains, kimonos, hanboks, handkerchiefs, paintings, photos... with smooth embroidered details. With a variety of designs, quality and prestige, Van Lam embroidery products have been increasing day by day, gaining trust with customers in Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Italy, UK, USA... In 2007, the village Van Lam embroidery craft has been recognized as one of 12 typical craft villages at national level. In 2010, the craft village made the largest hand-embroidered painting in Vietnam with a size of up to 5.5x31m to show the love for the country and display it on the occasion of the thousand-year anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi.

Over the centuries, the ups and downs of history, traditional embroidery, seems to have been lost, but embroidery still exists and is preserved. Despite the passing of time, Van Lam Lace Embroidery Village is still there. Artists still work hard day and night to produce special works, to bring their father's profession to many young generations and keep the flame of passion that cannot be extinguished. As a result, embroidery and lace products not only develop, meeting the needs of domestic and international customers, but also contribute to honoring the beauty of the traditional craft of the country and Vietnamese people.

Source: Trans: Thuy Tien, photos: Xuan Lam - NBTPIC
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