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The attractive natural beauty of Thung Nang

Update: 30/09/2023
Ninh Binh is a land blessed by nature with many beautiful, enchanting landscapes and long-standing historical and cultural values. Coming to Ninh Binh, tourists who love to experience pristine and amazing natural landscapes should not miss exploring the tourist destination of Thung Nang - a poetic natural space filled with sunshine.

The name Thung Nang (Sunshine Valley) was given by local people because the mountain range separates the light, one side has a lot of shade, the other side has a lot of sunlight and the names Thung Nang and Thung Dam were born. Thung Nang is surrounded by the Ngu Hanh mountain range, separating Thung Nang from the Linh Coc - Hai Nham route. To get to Thung Nang, you have to go by boat about 3 km. Departing from Thach Bich wharf (in Dam Khe village, Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district), tourists begin their journey to explore Sunny Valley.
Thung Nang attracts tourists not only with the beauty of pristine nature but also with the sacredness of the spiritual place in the mountains and forests. During this trip, tourists have the opportunity to visit and learn the history of the ancient Voi Dai temple dating back to the Le Dynasty. Built of stone hundreds of years ago, it worships mandarin Tran Trach Son Lam, along with Thung Nang temple - a place to worship Ba Chua Thuong Ngan. In addition, visitors can also visit Vang Cave, a place of history research value in the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, recognized by UNESCO in 2011 as the residence of the Ancient Vietnamese people.

With historical and natural landscape values. Thung Nang is a truly new and attractive destination, bringing visitors exciting experiences of a beautiful and beautiful region, a large space of the valley filled with gorgeous sunshine, true to its name "Sunshine Valley." 

Source: Thuy Tien photo Nguyen Loan
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