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Van Trinh cave - "magical maze"

Update: 14/06/2023
Van Trinh cave is the largest and most beautiful cave of Ninh Binh province, comparable to Thien Cung cave in Ha Long bay (Quang Ninh), located in Mo mountain of Van Trinh hamlet, Thuong Hoa commune, Nho Quan district. Inside the cave are shimmering stalactites that make visitors feel lost in the "magical maze".

Van Trinh cave has a very large area, about 3,500m2. In particular, the dynamic dome is the highest place with an altitude of over 100m. Coming here, visitors will be impressed by the flat floor with many unique floral patterns. Previously, the cave was also called Giang Tien because the stalactites here are shaped like fairies playing and dancing.

To enter the cave, go to the foot of Mo mountain, follow the ridge side here for a few minutes, visitors will start a climbing trip to Van Trinh cave. Visitors step up about 80 steps like an indoor staircase to the cave entrance. The cave gate is about 15 meters high compared to the foot of the mountain, the cave door is only 1.5 m high and over 1m wide. Van Trinh consists of 2 adjacent and staggered caves, high cave and low cave.

Entering the cave, visitors can admire the "fantasy world" by shimmering, colorful stalactites with funny shapes, etc. Around the cave walls, creatures like hanging pictures, sculptures, embossing characters from ancient tales.

The arch is so tall, the cages are stalactite in green color like inlaid with pearls. There are beams of brilliant stone flowers, blocks of "diamonds" suddenly flashed with iridescent colors when the flashlight shone on.

A special thing is that if you look carefully on the floor of the cave, visitors will see small round stones like duck eggs, chicken eggs, marbles, black like custard-apple seeds, but very different with stalactites in the cave.

Preliminary scientists have explained that they were born during the period of forming cave. Legend has it that the ancients used to go to the cave and took them to grind to drink to cure some diseases.

Over time, Van Trinh really retains the inherent and virgin beauty of the stone. Each step, visitors discover more new things, feel a different and beautiful scenery.

Source: Translator: Hai Van; Photographer: Xuan Lam
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