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Am Tien Cave – A unique tourism destination

Update: 14/06/2023
Being a part of the special national relic of Hoa Lu ancient capital, Cave and Pagoda of Am Tien is dubbed “the Vietnamese Tuyet Tinh Coc” in Ninh Binh because the place is every bit as beautiful as the landscapes featuring in Chinese martial arts films. The destination boasts a topography which is described as ancient and martial arts material. Tuyet Tinh Coc is an ideal check in spot for youngsters at weekends.


Am Tien cave is 10km away from the central of Ninh Binh City, it is said that it was the place where King Dinh Tien Hoang raised alligators and tigers to punish criminals. However, any criminal who managed to get away from the predatory animals in the cave would be set free. The magnificent landscape is engulfed by limestone mountains and evergreen plants, at the same time it also evokes a bleak mysterious atmosphere which is probably the remnants of the ancient execution ground. Am Tien pagoda is also the place where Queen Duong Van Nga became a Buddhist nun, her Buddhist name was Bao Quang Hoang Thai Hau.

Afterwards, Zen Master Nguyen Minh Khong went over this place and he felt a lot of dark and negative energy, he decided to build a small shrine in the cave as a place for chanting and preaching Buddhist sermon. Over time the Buddhist chanting and the chimes of the bell in the pagoda had won over the predatory animals and made the evil spirits in the cave go to a peaceful place. Later on this place found its peace.

At the moment, Am Tien cave is a stone pagoda worshipping the Buddhas, Zen Master Nguyen Minh Khong and notable people in the Dinh dynasty such as Truong Ma Ni, Truong Quan Son, princess Phu Dung and Queen Duong Van Nga. Am Tien cave is associated with the love story of Truong Quan Son and princess Phu Dung, that’s why since 2011 it has been called “Tuyet Tinh Coc” by youngsters.
After buying tickets, visitors have to go through a dark tunnel which is 100m long. As soon as visitors get to the other end of the tunnel they will be stunned by the phenomenal landscape surrounded by mountains, evergreen trees and  Am Tien ancient pagoda.
After getting though the gate, visitors follow a path on the left along a large pond full of lotuses, water lilies and Tong Truong perch. The name of the pond is Ao Giai. Following that tourist will visit Am Tien cave half way up to the mountain, about 200 steps. The cave looks like the mouth of a dragon that’s why it is also called dragon cave. The courtyard of the pagoda in Am Tien cave overlook the limestone mountain ranges and the green pond.

The pond is crystal clear, breezes make the water surface tremble, on sunny days we can see through the bottom of the pond and witness little fish hiding themselves in the green weeds.

Cloudless days of summer are ideal times for photographers in Tuyet Tinh Coc. This is also a popular place for wedding photos. Am Tien cave is a popular tourism destination among youngsters at the moment. The Trang An eco-tourism site is also on the route to the cave, which makes it convenient for tourists to arrange their tourism schedule. Even though Am Tien Cave has only been opening for a few years it has become an interesting destination for domestic tourists and foreigners.
Source: Translator: Duy Linh
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