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ViFarm Vineyard - An attractive "check-in" place in Ninh Binh

Update: 22/05/2023
In Ninh Binh, there is a vineyard full of fruit for everyone to comfortably 'check-in' and experience.

Only about 10 minutes away from Ninh Binh city, located in Ninh Giang commune, Hoa Lu district, on road 477; Vifarm vineyard with the special help of agricultural engineers, about 1 year ago the project of bringing Ha Den grapes to Ninh Binh became a reality. Each sprout, each flower cluster, each bunch of fruit is carefully cared for, meticulously sunny and rainy days to come to fruition.

Coming to Vifarm vineyard to visit, visitors seem to be lost in a large world with succulent grapes. The vineyard has a different beauty, each bunch of grapes is turning red-purple when mixed with the green of the leaves, making anyone present here think as if they are in Ninh Thuan. When coming here, of course, visitors cannot miss the opportunity to check-in to save beautiful and chill images under the fruit-laden grapes. In particular, there are two dome areas and one area without arches, so visitors are free to check in on rainy days without worrying about getting wet.
In the journey to discover Vifarm vineyard, in addition to taking pictures with grapes or buying beautiful bunches of grapes as gifts, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about grape growing techniques and will be transformed into quality farmers. sketchy and simple. This is definitely a worthwhile experience for every visitor. Hope you have a wonderful tour of this beautiful vineyard!

Source: Trans: Thuy Tien
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