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Come to Ninh Binh to discover Phuc Loc carpentry village

Update: 02/08/2022
Phuc Loc Carpentry Village in Ninh Phong Ward, Ninh Binh City is a famous traditional craft village specializing in the production of wooden handicrafts and household products. The craft village was born hundreds of years ago, from the Dinh - Le dynasties and developed in the direction of hereditary. Since ancient times, Phuc Loc artisan has created carpentry products with sophisticated carvings to serve the work of churches, pagodas, temples and communal houses. Phuc Loc carpentry village is considered as a place to keep and preserve the quintessence of traditional carpentry, known and chosen by customers inside and outside the province.

Although the labor tools are very manual, the stages of chiseling, hewing, and smoothing are all done by hand, but thanks to ingenuity and creativity, the carpentry in Phuc Loc is increasingly developed and spread everywhere such as Thanh Hoa, Nghe An ..., become famous traditional craft village in the North.

The products made in this craft village are all handmade and household products such as beds, cabinets, tables and chairs, sofas, door bars, wooden railings and handrails for stairs, interior decoration goods... with guaranteed quality, beautiful and delicate designs. In addition, skilled craftsmen, with their intelligence and creativity, can also create many extremely sophisticated, high-class and luxurious products such as tea cabinets, mahogany furniture carved patterns of all kinds ... depending on the needs of customers, or sculpting statues, making all kinds of wooden furniture for sacrifices, festivals, repairing temples, shrines ...

In order to liberate labor and improve labor productivity, most households and furniture production facilities have modern machines of all kinds such as saws, planers, drills, lathes, etc. However, no machine can replace the talented and skillful hands of Phuc Loc carpentry artisans who have had a tradition of hundreds of years.

Right in Phuc Loc, there is also Mat Tu pagoda, which appeared from the Dinh - Le dynasties with unique architecture, sophisticated design, and ancient features. The temple is made from glossy black ironwood, is the place to worship Thanh Hoang of the craft village, the ancestor of carpentry here. Visiting the craft village, visitors will stop by to burn incense to commemorate the carpenter's ancestors and learn about the life and traditions of the craft here, buy products of the craft village as souvenirs.

Source: Translator: Hai Van; Photographer: Xuan Lam
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