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Trang An eco-tourism area - " The watercolor painting captivating people's hearts"

Update: 23/11/2022
Located in Ninh Binh province, at the Southeast edge of the Red River Delta. Trang An eco-tourism area is a rare landscape because in the middle of the vast plains, there are limestone mountains linked together like ramparts, surrounding each valley with small, gentle and poetic rivers. hidden many secrets about long-lasting geological tectonic movements with particularly interesting signs. It is a place to preserve the evolution and development of indigenous people, from the ancient Trang An residents who struggled for survival with the impact of changing the limestone environment, the fluctuations of the ancient climate, and the sea level of monsoon tropics. Since then, the Trang An people have learned to rely on the natural terrain to build an independent and self-reliant country, marking a turning point in the struggle of the Vietnamese people to build and defend the country.

UNESCO rated Trang An's aesthetic beauty as one of the most beautiful and attractive landscapes of its kind in the world. Trang An has about 50 trans-water caves out of more than 100 caves, connected by nearly 30 valleys, which are connected through hydro-caverns. As the accidental arrangement of the Creator makes the return journey not repeat like the unique road on the water. Along with the charming natural landscape, the connection of dense rivers through the mountain beds creates a particularly interesting system of trans-water caves that makes it impossible for any visitor to be indifferent.

With majestic and dangerous terrain, Trang An eco-tourism area is the Southern citadel of Hoa Lu capital - a military base in the Dinh - Tien Le dynasties, creating a solid defensive position for Hoa Lu capital. Those towering mountains are the observatories, the solid walls protecting the capital Hoa Lu. And then in the Tran Dynasty, the Tran kings chose this place as the base to build "Vu Lam Palace" in the second resistance war against the Yuan - Mongols. Currently, at Trang An eco-tourism area, many historical relics, archaeological relics and artifacts are preserved from the Dinh, Tien Le and Tran dynasties.

Come to Trang An Eco-tourism Area to enjoy an enchanting watercolor painting with mountains and clouds, explore magical caves and have moments of tranquility and relaxation with spiritual culture of this place.

Source: Translator: Hai Van; Photographer: Xuan Lam
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