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Local cooperatives assisted to develop tourism services

Update: 28/06/2022
In recent years, some cooperatives in Ninh Binh province have offered experience tourism and community based ecological tourism services, helping to create jobs for local people and contribute to the province's socio-economic development.

Local cooperatives assisted to develop tourism services

Tam Diep Agricultural Products and Tourism Cooperative.

Tam Diep Agricultural Products and Tourism Cooperative was established in 2018 with nine members. To date, the cooperative's number of members has increased to 28, and it has built a closed chain of production and trade from their farms to consumer associated with tourism activities.

Tam Diep Cooperative now organises numerous tourism activities like operating tours, restaurant services, selling souvenirs, sightseeing and providing agriculture-related experiences for visitors. 

Since the resumption of tourism activities after the COVID-19 pandemic was controlled, Tam Diep Cooperative has welcomed nearly 100 visitors each day and around 500 - 700 visitors at weekends. This is an initial success of combining agricultural production with ecological and experience tourism.

Local cooperatives assisted to develop tourism services
Visitors join in making herbal products in Sinh Duoc Cooperative.

When it was established in 2014, Sinh Duoc Cooperative had only three members and produced three main products, namely salt foot soak, herbal soap and herbal skin cream.

After eight years of operation, Sinh Duoc has now employed 40 workers, and it has developed the model of production associated with experience services such as herbal bathing, homestay and tours enabling tourists joining in making herbal products.

Likewise, many localities in the province have paid more attention to exploiting tourism potential in combination with strengths of each area and sectors. The model has provided a chance for visitors to enjoy nature, experience the real life and it has helped to increase incomes for these cooperatives' employees, thus contributing to changing the economic structure as well.

To Quoc Viet, Vice Chairman of the Ninh Binh Cooperative Alliance said, to develop agriculture cooperatives combining with tourism, it will provide capital for them or working with other related units such as the Department of Tourism, Hoa Lu University and other training establishments to provide training courses for these cooperatives.

In addition, the alliance will also help local cooperatives to connect with travel companies both in and outside the province to introduce these cooperatives to visitors, he said.

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