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Ninh Binh develops infrastructure to create momentum for tourism development

Update: 14/03/2022
After it was re-established in 1992, Ninh Binh province clearly defined its advantages for tourism growth. However, to develop the non-smoke industry, it requires synchronic infrastructure. Therefore, in the past 30 years, Ninh Binh has paid due attention to building infrastructure, creating momentum for the province to become a bright spot in the country's tourism map.

Trang An ecological site.

These days, at the construction site of the coastal road project running through Ninh Binh (first phase), workers, engineers and contractors are working hard to speed up the progress to complete it as scheduled in a bid to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Ninh Binh appellation and the 30th anniversary of the province's re-establishment.

The project has a significant role in completing the coastal road connecting the provinces of Ninh Binh, Nam Dinh and Thanh Hoa, opening up opportunities for socio-economic development and sea-based tourism growth.

In 1992, Ninh Binh remained a poor province with poor infrastructure. At that time, it had only two main national highways which were small and couldn't satisfy transport demand. 

Since then, Ninh Binh has invested, upgraded and built systems of transportation roads, forming a modern and synchronic infrastructure network and connecting local tourist destinations with major tourism centres of the whole country.

Numerous key transport projects, which have created breakthroughs for Ninh Binh's socio-economic development and brought a new appearance to the province.

The completion of synchronous infrastructure has helped draw more visitors to Ninh Binh.

Thirty years ago, Ninh Binh served only 122,000 visitors with a modest turnover of 8.55 billion VND. But it welcomed up to 7.65 million tourists, and earned over 3.6 trillion VND in 2019, representing a 250-fold increase.

Ninh Binh has ranked among 15 provinces and cities receiving the highest numbers of visitors in the country.

Thanks to developing transport system, Ninh Binh has effectively tapped its tourism potential, turning tourism into a spearheaded economic sector which has contributed big to the state budget and providing a large number of jobs for local labourers.

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