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Visit Ninh Binh's most famous flower village on the occasion of celebrating Tet

Update: 25/01/2022
In Ninh Binh, there are two famous flower villages. Those are Dong Son peach blossom village and Ninh Phuc flower village. On each Tet holiday, these flower villages are more vibrant and jubilant. These are also the ideal attractions for many tourists to admire, take photos and feel the Tet atmosphere.

Dong Son Peach Village

Dong Son peach peach village is located in the southeast of Tam Diep city, about 14 km from Ninh Binh city. Every New Year's Eve, spring comes, the land known as the peach capital of Ninh Binh province is bustling with trucks carrying peaches to all directions, bringing the scent of spring to every home.



The peach blossom here has a slender, flexible branch shape that is easy to bend and style. If Nhat Tan peach in Hanoi has thick wings, deep pink color, arranged in many layers around bright yellow pistil, Dong Son peach peach has a characteristic color with gentle flower color, pinkish petals with fragile beauty, nature.



Ninh Phuc Flower Village

Ninh Phuc Flower Village, Ninh Binh City, where there is a tradition of growing flowers for decades. Especially at the end of the year, visitors will be able to admire the blooming flowers everywhere; Spring air seems to be pervading the place.

Source: Trans: Thuy Tien, photos: Xuan Lam - NBTPIC
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