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Visit Van Long in the winter afternoon

Cập nhật: 22/11/2021
Van Long lagoon is the largest wetland nature reserve in the Red River Delta region, located 80 kilometers from Hanoi, in Ninh Binh province. This is an ideal and attractive tourist destination at weekend for young people and families.

Referred to as the "bay without waves", coming to Van Long, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the comfortable feeling while sitting on a small boat gliding on the surface of the mirror- clear water. In the winter afternoon, visitors will be extremely excited if just swinging the oars, each flock of storks, black-crowned night heron, lesser whistling duck, etc hiding in the grass will fly. Their long and white wingspan fly with a rolling motion interlace and together to form a dance captivating hearts.

Van Long lagoon has a rich and unique ecosystem, limestone ranges which are isolated in the middle of the lagoon, become a haven for rare and precious animals, of which, it is not able to mention the population of Delacour's langur with the number of more than 40 individuals - the largest number in Vietnam. This is an animal with high risk of extinction, named in the world red book. If you're lucky, you may see them living in caves looking for food outside. The mountains with names such as Meo Cao mountain, Mam Xoi mountain, Hom Sach mountain, Da Ban mountain, Nghien mountain, etc still reflect on the smooth water surface like a giant mirror. Van Long lagoon also has many landscapes and cultural relics, many beautiful caves in the heart of the mountain such as Ca cave, Bong cave, Rua cave, Chanh cave, etc combining with mountains, clouds and sky to form an amazingly beautiful nature picture.

Going deeper into the lagoon, the noise of everyday life gradually disappears, thespace is left with oars and bird singing or hunting sounds of kingfisher. The boat slips through the grass to take visitors to visit Ca cave - the largest cave in the Hoang Quyen mountain range. It is home of many species of fish such as catfish, banana fish, perch, etc. In addition, dozens of other caves such as Bong cave, Chanh cave, Ong cave, etc scattered in the mountains which are also interesting destinations of the journey.

The best time of day to visit Van Long is in the late afternoon. At this time, the sun goes down which make the water surface sparkle, creating a feeling that is both poetic and peaceful. In the sunset, the color of the lagoon is gradually dyed, when the flock of birds looking for food fly back to find a place to stay for the night, which is also the time when the boats bringing tourists to the lagoon are thinning. It is a great time for photographers passioning wildlife nature and migratory bird wings in the winter afternoon.

Source: Translator: Hai Van; Photographer: Xuan Lam
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