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The peaceful beauty of Trang An when the autumn is coming

Cập nhật: 26/10/2021
Trang An landscape complex with a system of limestone mountains has a geological age of about 250 million years, over a long period of time weathered by changes of the earth and the climate has created hundreds of valleys and caves. In addition, this scenic spot also has many ecosystems of flooded forests, forests on limestone mountains and relics associated with the history of Hoa Lu ancient capital.
The beauty of this place is formed by limestone mountains with caves, valleys, rivers and lakes blending with nature to create a fanciful and poetic space. Unlike the beauty of the golden season from May to June, Trang An and Sao Khe river in autumn are much more peaceful and quiet. If in the summer, Trang An stands out with the yellow color of the wet rice fields, in the autumn, this place is immersed in a peaceful space of green. The charming beauty captivates many tourists, especially photographers.
Taking a boat on the river, gliding through the mountains, shimmering and fanciful caves, listening to the boatman explain the meaning of the names of the caves or the legends associated with these caves is a memorable experience for tourists when coming to Trang An. The best known story is probably the Nau Ruou cave. Legend has it that because of the discovery of a good well in the cave, the ancients came here to get water to cook wine for the king. The name of the cave was also born from there. Along with that are the fascinating legends of Si cave, Sinh cave, Ba Giot cave, Quy Hau cave, etc in turn told by boatmen cum "guides". Each cave has a unique look like its name, the caves have many transformed stalactites, the water flowing from the ceiling makes the air in the cave very cool.
The wonderful blend of flowers and grass, limestone mountains and gentle water has turned the familiar scenery into a colorful masterpiece. Sao Khe river in autumn is not a festival season, so it will bring visitors a feeling of peace and tranquility. The river water is so clear that visitors sitting on the boat can see each clump of moss drooping with each passing beat.
Coming to Trang An in October, visitors can also admire the carpets of water lilies blooming red on both sides of the river and immerse themselves in nature with the close and unspoiled beauty. There is nothing more wonderful than separating from the bustle of daily life in a prosperous city to immerse yourself in the space here, letting your soul sway with the wind, gently touching the cool, clear water with your hands.
Source: Translator: Hai Van; Photographer: Xuan Lam
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