Update: 11/01/2021

Morning: Ninh Binh city – Galaxy grotto.

7h30: Tour guide pick you up in Ninh Binh city

8h30: You visit Galaxy grotto. The grotto sits inside Tuong mountain range which is 200m high is a part of the strong natural wall surrounded and protected the west-south part of the Hoa Lu Ancient Capital in X century. The place is associated with historic - cultural relics such as Le Dynasty boat wharf, Phat Dau Son mountain and Dau Linh field. This place was also inhabited by the ancient Viet people. Galaxy grotto was excavated by the Trang An Management Board and the Vietnam Institute of Archaeology, which contributed to the world heritage nomination dossier submitted to the UNESCO.

11h30: You have lunch in a local restaurant to savor the famous goat meat and scorched rice of Ninh Binh

Afternoon: Galaxy grotto – the Bai Dinh pagoda Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

13h00: The Bus take you to visit the Bai Dinh Pagoda – A famous pagoda with several records such as: The largest pagoda (107ha); The biggest bronze Buddha statue in Southeast Asia; The two biggest bronze bells in Southeast Asia: 36 tons and 27 tons; The pagoda which has the most Arhat statues with 500 statutes taller than an average person.

15h30: You make an incense offering in the Hoa Lu Ancient Capital. This is a special national complex of relics associated with historic characters’ careers with three dynasties: Dinh, pre-Le and Ly. This place was the capital of the first centralized feudal state of Vietnam with many historic events such as: Unifying the country, winning the wars over the Tong empire and the Chiem empire.  In 1010 King Ly Thai To moved the capital from Hoa Lu to Thang Long..

17h00: The tour ends. See you again!

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