Hoang Son White Palace Restaurant

Update: 06/01/2021
Address: No. 98 - Trinh Tu Street - Ward Ninh Khanh - Ninh Binh City Tel: + (84) (0) 229 3890 955 / Hotline: (+84) (0) 903 292 320 Fax: + (84) (0) 229 3876 868 Email: Fanpage:

Located in a beautiful location - center of Ninh Binh city, with luxurious and elegant architecture, Hoang Son White Palace wedding center is the most luxurious, convenient and professional wedding center in the city. With a maximum capacity of up to 3,000 guests, including many different banquet rooms in variety sizes (2000m2; 1200m2; 800m2; 500m2; 300m2; 200m2; 180m2; 150m2; 100m2; 80m2 , etc.) to meet all the needs of customers. In particular, the event center of Hoang Son Whitel Palace has luxurious VIP rooms, very suitable for receiving guests, spacious dining halls suitable for parties, weddings and family meals. At Hoang Son White Palace, you not only come to the culinary aftertaste of attractive Ninh Binh specialties such as steamed rice, goat meat, etc. but also enjoy many famous dishes in South Asia. With very affordable prices and the ingenuity and sophistication in processing dishes, Hoang Son White Palace restaurant has an indispensable appeal to you.

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