Yen Mac fermented pork roll

Update: 05/01/2021
Yen Mac Commune, Yen Mo District has its reputation for famous ferment pork roll making

The title of “Yen Mac fermented pork roll” is a combination of the commune name and a traditional dish of local people. Fermented pork roll making in this commune dates back a long time ago. Yen Mac fermented pork roll requires a strict process. Selected meat must be fresh and delicious. Selected meat is often the pig’s inside part of the leg nearby the butt. With such meat, made fermented pork roll will have dryness, shortness, softness and unique sour flavor.
Yen Mac fermented pork roll is enjoyed with guava leaves, odoriferous herbs, fig leaves, paederia lanuginosa, polyscias fruticosa and fish sauce diluted with lemon, garlic and chili.  Yen Mac fermented pork roll is recognized as one of 10 famous pork roll specialties of Vietnam by Vietnam Record Association.

Source: Tourism Promotion Information Center
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