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Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh rescues 49 bears in five years

Update: 18/11/2022
Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh held a ceremony on November 17 to mark its first rescue of bears five years ago.
Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh rescues 49 bears in five years
Rescued bears are raised and live in nature.
With the financial and technical support from FOUR PAWS International, Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh was built in 2016. In November 2017, three first bears which were caged for many years were rescued and taken to the bear sanctuary for care.
In the past five years, the sanctuary has carried out 24 rescue operations nationwide. The sanctuary is now home to 49 Asian black bears which had been captives or illegal traded. 
Moreover, in the past few years, the bear sanctuary has implemented a model of sustainable tourism in combination with raising public awareness of animal welfare, thus encouraging right activities to preserve the nature and environment.
Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh rescues 49 bears in five years
Individuals have contributions to bear rescue are presented gifts.
Speaking at the ceremony, a leader of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development highly evaluated the sanctuary's efforts in rescuing and taking care of bears in the recent years.
The official also urged Four Paws to continue helping Ninh Binh to expand cooperative relations with other wildlife conservation organisations in a bid to soon put the national wild animals park into operation.
Gerald Dick, member of the FOUR PAWS Executive Board and Chief Programme Officer, affirmed that Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh is the most important project of FOUR PAWS International in Asia. The project has half of its workload completed and the entire 10ha-project will be fullfilled by the end of 2023.
FOUR PAWS International is also planning to build a 30ha-sanctuary for tigers and endangered animals at the national wild animals park in Ninh Binh in the coming time.
The planned sanctuary is expected to become a safe home for 30 tigers and other endangered animals, he added.
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