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Trang An – A lyrical autumn picture

Update: 19/09/2022
Located in the core area of the World Heritage Site, Trang An eco-tourism area is considered as one of the most beautiful and attractive landscapes that visitors should not miss when coming to the ancient capital. Trang An in every autumn is as beautiful as a watercolor, lyrical and emotional painting as gentle as the wind that crept into the soul, moving the hearts of tourists.

Trang An has a very diverse system of limestone mountains and natural caves. There are many limestone mountains with steep cliffs embracing the whole valley, at the foot of the limestone mountains there are many clefts, the mouth of the cave is a vestige of the erosion of sea water. Surrounding the outside, wriggling and connecting inside the mountains is a dense system of rivers creating a particularly interesting system of trans-water caves.

The autumn is coming, the clear blue sky and the beauty of rivers, caves and forests make Trang An like a lively natural world full of charm. Coming to Trang An, in addition to admiring the majestic mountains, visitors also learn fascinating anecdotes about a heroic historical period of the nation when exploring the hydrodynamics and immersing in the sacred atmosphere of cultural relics.

Come to Trang An eco-tourism area to enjoy the water-color painting, lyrical infatuation with people under the sweet golden sunshine of cool autumn weather, explore the magical caves and have moments of tranquility and relaxation with the unique spiritual culture of this place.

Source: Translator: Hai Van; Photographer: Xuan Lam
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