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Sinh Duoc craft village - A place to inherit, preserve and develop sustainably the herbal medicine profession of Ninh Binh

Update: 03/08/2022
Sinh Duoc craft village is located at the foot of the mountain in Bai Dinh pagoda mountain spiritual tourist area, hamlet 4, Gia Sinh commune, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province. This place has long been famous for many rare and natural herbs, so it is called Sinh Duoc village, up to now, local people still preserve and promote the methods of processing herbs into medicines effectively.

Legend has it that Zen master, famous physician Nguyen Minh Khong went to find a cure for the disease "Tiger Transformation" for the Ly king, he found many medicinal species that grew naturally throughout a semi-mountain area, so he named this place Sinh Duoc. In the process of cultivating and learning about medicinal plants here, he passed on the experience of using herbs and precious remedies to the people of Sinh Duoc village.

Currently, this place has formed a cooperative with 11 members, producing a full range of convenient products of natural origin, chemical-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly to serve essential needs and take care of people's health by traditional methods imbued with Vietnamese identity such as soap, bath salts, pickling salts, toothpaste, laundry detergent...

In April 2022, the Provincial People's Committee issued a Decision to grant a certificate to recognize the title of Ninh Binh Provincial Craft Village in 2022 for Sinh Duoc village in order to preserve and promote traditional herbal knowledge, preserve culture, develop economic sustainable economy associated with indigenous values here.

Source: Translator: Hai Van; Photographer: Xuan Lam
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