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Visit Khanh Thien traditional culinary village

Update: 02/08/2022
Khanh Thien, a prosperous countryside, is famous for its traditional culinary profession for hundreds of years, always focusing on preserving and developing the local craft, becoming the unique cultural beauty of the land and the people here. In 2014, Khanh Thien was recognized as a traditional craft village by the Provincial People's Committee.

Khanh Thien Green market every morning, locals and visitors are always attracted by food stalls with breakfast cakes made from rice such as sesame rice cakes, molded cakes, donuts, glutinous rice cakes, sweet potato cakes, honey cakes... Each type of cake sold here is almost passed down through generations of Khanh Thien's hometown.

One of the typical products in Khanh Thien is sesame rice cake, from the culinary village of Phong An. The profession of making sesame rice cakes is very hard, takes a lot of time and depends on the weather. Ingredients for making rice paper include non-sticky rice, sesame and salt. Rice cake is made into 2 types, white rice cake and Sweet Gourd rice cake. Rice is soaked for about 2 hours, after soaking, washed thoroughly, then put into flour mill. If it is making Sweet Gourd rice cake, mix Sweet Gourd into rice before grinding into flour. When rolling the cake, the ingredients of sesame and salt must be mixed in the right proportion. Sesame rice cake must be coated 2 times, when the cake is finished, it must be dried immediately. Do not dry the cake too much because it will reduce its quality and easily break. It must be baked with charcoal, during the baking process, you must regularly flip the cake by hand so that the cake is cooked evenly. After baking, it should be eaten immediately, so it will be delicious, crispy and spongy, served with boiled peanuts, roasted peanuts, coconut ... very delicious, greasy, and is an easy and cheap gift from the countryside.

Not only famous for making sesame rice cakes, but the craft village also has 17 different types of cakes such as honey cake, sticky rice cake, potato cake, donut, etc. These are cakes made from delicious glutinous rice, soaked and finely ground, then the villagers use the ground flour to make cakes according to the production process to ensure food safety and become indispensable culinary dishes when coming to Khanh Thien countryside.

Traditional culinary villages not only create jobs for people in their leisure time, but also contribute to improving the lives, eradicating hunger and reducing poverty for many families in the commune. Currently, the Party Committee and authorities of Khanh Thien commune are trying to promote solutions to maintain and develop traditional occupations, build community tourism projects, and develop craft village tourism, thereby arousing the potential of developing the homeland and preserving the local traditional craft, becoming the unique cultural beauty of the land and the people here.

Source: Translator: Hai Van; Photographer: Xuan Lam
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