Trang An eco-tourism area will reopen from 2nd February, 2022

Cập nhật: 25/01/2022
According to Notice No. 01/2022/TA dated January 10, 2022 of Trang An Investment Trading Service Co., Ltd, on 2nd February, 2022, the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year, Trang An eco-tourism area will open reopening after the temporary suspension of welcoming guests due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Ticket sales time from 07h00 to 17h00 all days of the week. During its operation, Trang An Eco-tourism Area will continue to strictly comply with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Government's Directive on the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic. All visitors coming to the eco-tourism site Trang An must also comply with regulations on the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic.



Coming to Trang An eco-tourism area, visitors can not only immerse themselves in nature, enjoy the peaceful and magical beauty of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, but in the spring of 2022, visitors will come to Trang An Eco-tourism Area. Trang An also discovered to experience new products Chill with Sunny. This is a useful entertainment place located right in Trang An eco-tourism area with activities such as kayaking, renting tents to rest, enjoying delicious pizza, attractive BBQ sets, gardening or for children. Visiting, taking care of horses, etc. will definitely bring visitors the warm, happy and meaningful early spring days./.

Nguồn: Trans: Thuy Tien, photos: Xuan Lam - NBTPIC