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Enjoy the spring festival in the homeland of the Ancient Capital

Update: 30/01/2023
Spring travel in Ninh Binh is an activity that many tourists look forward to when the old year passes and the new year comes. Some people go to the temple to pray, some participate in festivals, some visit and travel. The following are suggestions for some attractions for visitors to experience, explore and worship during this Lunar New Year.

Immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Trang An

The beginning of the spring trip is to discover the mysterious beauty of Trang An scenic complex by boat, each boatman is also an amateur tour guide taking visitors to see the beautiful natural scenery. The majestic landscape has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage. With a system of limestone caves stretching, a diverse and pristine natural ecosystem, a system of temples and shrines, typical cultural works, religious architecture, Trang An tourist area every year welcome millions of tourists to visit.

Come to pray at Duyen Ninh Pagoda

Duyen Ninh Pagoda, also known as Cau Duyen Pagoda, is an ancient temple built in the 10th century under King Dinh Tien Hoang. The temple is located in the Hoa Lu ancient capital area, which is also the core of the Trang An Landscape Complex. Therefore, the temple is located quite close to many famous attractions of Ninh Binh. According to folklore, the temple is known as one of the most sacred temples in Vietnam. Therefore, locals and tourists visit this place to pray for peace and for their love life to be favorable, to soon meet the lover.

Pilgrimage to Bai Dinh pagoda

Bai Dinh Pagoda is a large temple complex known with many Asian and Vietnamese records, established as the temple with the largest gold-plated bronze Buddha in Asia, the temple with the longest Arhat corridor in Asia, the pagoda with the longest Arhat corridor in Asia. has the largest bronze Maitreya statue in Southeast Asia.... Every year, every spring, Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival officially opens on the 6th day of the Lunar New Year and lasts until the end of the 3rd lunar month.

Due to possessing a large space, on every occasion of the festival, more and more people flock to Bai Dinh because of the desire to wish a new year with many things of peace and luck.

Join the special Thai Vi temple festival

Thai Vi Temple Festival is held every spring every year from March 14 to 16 of the lunar calendar in Van Lam village, Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district. This is also one of the spiritual festivals in Ninh Binh to commemorate the Tran kings who built the country and repelled foreign invaders. The unique feature of this festival is the palanquin procession with 30 processions belonging to communes in Hoa Lu district and Ninh province.

After the procession, there will be important sacrifices, which play a major role in the Thai Vi temple festival. After that, visitors will be immersed in the bustling and fun atmosphere of unique folk games such as human chess, wrestling, lion dance, dragon dance, boating...

Source: Translator: Hai Van; Photographer: Xuan Lam
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