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Immerse yourself in the charming beauty of Thien Ha cave

Update: 06/08/2021
Located in the World Cultural and Natural Heritage - Trang An Landscape Complex, the Thien Ha cave eco-tourism area is an attractive destination for tourists when it comes to owning caves with fanciful and unspoiled beauty.

Belonging to Son Ha commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province, Thien Ha cave eco-tourism area is hidden in the Tuong mountain range - a mountain range that is considered as a watchtower to protect the Southwest of Hoa Lu citadel. There are two very beautiful caves here, Thien Thanh and Thien Ha.

Thien Thanh cave is a dry cave, more than 50m long, but the beauty in the cave must make people admire it. The stalactites with different shapes, white as snow, sparkling, blurred, are layered from the top to the foot of the cave, forming attractive iridescent curtains.

A few hundred meters from Thien Thanh cave, Thien Ha cave is divided into two parts: dry cave and water cave. When entering the cave, visitors will be amazed by the fanciful space of the system of stalactites created by nature, with great value in geology and geomorphology. Going deep inside, the space is expanded and magnificent like being lost in a "stone castle" with stalactites of various shapes, evoking the rich imagination of each person. The cool air in the cave also dispels the feeling of suffocation and sultry outside.

In the dry cave, there is a door leading to the southern mountainside, called the Sky Well. The sun from the top of the mountain reflects its rays on the stalactites, emitting sparkling rays with very fanciful colors. Also in this Sky Well area, archaeologists have discovered many mollusks such as: mountain snails, clams, ash coals... these are traces left by ancient Vietnamese residents. This shows that the cultural layer is preserved almost intact in Thien Ha cave with a vivid picture of the life of the ancient Viet people.

Entering the water cave, visitors will be able to take a boat ride on a 500m-long underground river, which is likened to a winding, endless galaxy with layers of pure white marble-like stalactites and legends about Hoa Tien island, Bau Sua Me, etc gives visitors the feeling of being lost in the fairyland, infatuated with the fairyland.

Thien cave eco-tourism area - where the perfect beauty of the Creator imprinted will be an unforgettable journey in the hearts of tourists when coming back to Ninh Binh.

Source: Translator: Hai Van; Photographer: Xuan Lam
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