Ninh Binh's tourism sector prepares to welcome Chinese tourists

Cập nhật: 17/03/2023
As the Chinese Government has allowed group tours to Vietnam and a number of other countries, Ninh Binh's tourism sector has prepared conditions to take this opportunity to fulfill its target of serving 200,000 international tourist arrivals in 2023.
Ninh Binh's tourism sector prepares to welcome Chinese tourists
More and more foreign tourist arrivals visit Ninh Binh in 2023.
Pham Hong Bien, Director of Tam Sinh Tourism and Event Co. Ltd., which represents Vietrantour in Ninh Binh, said the company has worked with restaurants and hotels to set up menus that are suitable for Chinese visitors. At the same time, it has also built diverse tourism products to provide more options for them.
The company has also provided training courses for its staff and employ more tour guides who can speak Chinese to improve services for 
Chinese visitors, he said.
The company will say no to "zero dong tours" as they will affect the image of Ninh Binh tourism, Bien added.
Similarly, travel companies, restaurants and hotels in the province have built plans and programmes to welcome Chinese tourists back.
According to a representative of the provincial Department of Tourism, in the past years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of international visitors to Ninh Binh fell sharply, especially those coming from China.
The Chinese Government added Vietnam into the list of countries that can receive groups of Chinese visitors from March 15, marking a positive signal for Vietnam's tourism sector in general and for Ninh Binh in particular.
Taking this opportunity, Ninh Binh's tourism sector has encouraged travel companies and accommodation establishments to invest in facilities and improve quality of services to serve tourists better.
The Department of Toursim also organised training courses for tour guides, receptionists and chefs, and worked with the Ninh Binh Tourism Association to promote tourism potential.
The resumption of group tours to Vietnam for Chinese tourists will help Ninh Binh to fulfill its target of welcoming 4.5 million visitors in 2023, including 200,000 international holidaymakers, the representative of the Department of Tourism said.