The beauty of Dong Chuong Lake when autumn comes

Cập nhật: 08/11/2021
Ninh Binh possesses rich tourism resources, many historical, cultural relics, scenic spots and very valuable natural ecological environment, attracting a large number of tourists to visit. Besides famous tourist attractions such as: Trang An eco-tourism area, Tam Coc - Bich Dong tourism area, Bai Dinh pagoda, etc, there is a very natural tourist destination with green trees, fresh air, wild and poetic beauty like Dong Chuong lake.

Dong Chuong lake is a natural freshwater lake bordering 3 communes Phu Loc, Phu Long and Ky Phu, Nho Quan district. The lake is 45ha wide, surrounded by green pine hills. The air in the hilly areas is very fresh and cool, especially when in the fall, the interference of heaven and earth at the end of summer and beginning of winter, the natural scenery at Dong Chuong lake tourist area transforms into amazingly beautiful. The large open space makes anyone feel comfortable to let go of all the hard work and chaos so that they can enjoy the scenery, the scent of flowers and grass, and immerse themselves in a rare peaceful space.

The lake here is always blue and clear, in the autumn, the morning mist covers the lake surface like fanciful wave smoke. When the sun rises, the sun shines throughout the space, shining down on the sparkling lake surface. Around the lake, there are green pine hills making the scenery very romantic and beautiful. Coming to Dong Chuong lake, visitors can not only see the lake, but also climb the hill to see Ao Troi. Near the lake, there is Ao Troi and Ba Tua waterfall. Following the trail to the top of the green pine hill, the special thing that appears in front of visitors will be a small but always clear, never out of water lake called Ao Troi. It is a strange thing that nature has favored for this place. In addition, near the lake, there is Ba Tua waterfall with a height of nearly 40m, in the rainy season, the water from the rocky mountain pours endlessly like a watercolor painting. The lakeside is covered with vegetation, the open ground is the ideal space to set up tents, camp, experience the wild features of the tourist area.

In 2008, Dong Chuong lake eco-tourism area invested in the construction of Trang An golf course. The 36-hole golf course is a place for tourists to entertain, do sports, and participate in playing golf. With beautiful scenery, fresh and cool climate, Dong Chuong lake eco-tourism area is an attractive tourist destination that promising to bring visitors interesting experiences and keep beautiful and meaningful photos.

Nguồn: Translator: Hai Van; Photographer: Xuan Lam