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Conference to collect opinions on resolution regulating tourism development policies in Ninh Binh province from 2022 to 2030

Update: 11/08/2022
On the morning of 9th August, Ninh Binh Department of Tourism held a conference to collect opinions on the Draft of Resolution regulating tourism development policies in Ninh Binh province, over the period 2022 - 2030.


Having a long tradition and cultural history, not only endowed with many rich, unique and attractive natural landscapes, many unique intangible cultural heritages with unique folk festivals, crafts and traditional arts,Ninh Binh also owns many tangible cultural heritages with 1,821 relics, including 298 provincial-level relics, 81 national-level relics and 01 world cultural and natural mixed heritage of Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex. . This is a great resource and advantage for Ninh Binh province to develop and identify tourism as one of the main, nuclear pillars to guide investment attraction as well as promote industries and fields. others develop together. Ninh Binh is one of 15 top destinations, 10 provinces with the highest number of visitors in the country, evaluated and voted as an attractive tourist destination by many reputable domestic and international travel websites. love and actively contribute to the socio-economic development of the province.

However, the development of Ninh Binh tourism in the recent period has not been commensurate with the potential and strengths of the province, although many tourists come, tourism revenue is still low. tourist areas and spots are still limited, the tourism infrastructure system, technical facilities are not synchronous, the scale is small, the service quality is not professional, the promotion and advertising work is still limited. The efficiency of tourism to the international tourist market is still low, the quality of tourism human resources has not yet met the increasing requirements of tourists, especially besides general and macro policies to The province's tourism development support still lacks specific mechanisms and policies to support organizations, people and businesses to invest in tourism services.


The Resolution was formulated for the purpose of timely supporting and facilitating investment in tourism development, promoting the advantages of location, natural resources and cultural values ​​of the locality, thereby forming tourist attractions. new tourism, contributing to diversifying tourism products, improving the competitiveness of Ninh Binh tourism, gradually transforming the economic structure, improving the quality of the labor force, creating jobs. sustainable poverty reduction, contributing to the conservation and promotion of cultural heritage values, and environmental protection in the locality.

Source: Trans: Thuy Tien, photos: Xuan Lam - NBTPIC
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